Renovation Services

Want to modify, modernise or remodel? We’ll help you achieve your perfect property

Is your property drastically different from how you want it? Perhaps the interior needs a new layout, or completely modernising? Renovating the property, in part or from the ground up, may be the solution for you. Our team of experienced buildersjoiners, plumbers and electricians can help you realise your dream project.

Maybe you want to change the function of a room, repartition or remove walls to change the layout of existing spaces, or create additional light with new windows, Paul Collins Builders can help you. We’ve worked on projects big to small, from hiding unwanted features, to creating entirely new rooms, and moving bathrooms between storeys.

Modifying, modernising, and remodelling can be a truly effective way to turn a house into a home, or to make the most effective and profitable use of your property for resale. Our projects are completed to the highest possible standards to produce stunning results, and we take great pride in our customers’ satisfaction.

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